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UA students fill dorms---and transform neighborhoods

Posted at 6:06 PM, Aug 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-16 08:30:43-04

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Thousands of students are flooding back into Tucson as the University of Arizona is about to begin its fall term.

As students roll in for the new term, where they live is as big a decision as what classes they'll take.

As freshmen, twin sisters Kelsey and Keira Swinney decided an on campus dorm would be best.

Kelsey Swinney says, “Cause like, we're in a new place so that's why we chose to live in the dorms and to like be able to meet new people and like, just kinda get the like college feel."

Even though UA has has more than 20 dormitories on campus, the need for student housing is growing and so insatiable, there's been a big business in large, private dorms sprouting up along Speedway.

Helga Ortega's daughter did not want to talk on camera.  But in a classic, “Oh Mom!” moment, she's willing to say why they went for a private dorm.

"She's a sophomore this year and I think we're paying less in this, Sol.  Craig: In the private dorm? Helga: Yeah, In the private dorm.  It's a lot cheaper and it's a lot nicer too."

A lot of students live in the neighborhoods around UA in rental homes, and mini dorms---and some of them bring a rowdy lifestyle that's a real nuisance to their neighbors.

Councilmember Steve Kozachik gets students, landlords and police together to talk about how students can be good neighbors. 

"It's like mowing the lawn.  You go back and do it again and again and it's a new cast of characters every year so it's not as though you can deliver the message once and they're good for the four years.  If they're here at the U of A you've got to go back every year and semester to reintroduce the message to the new people moving in."