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Tucson Water disconnection moratorium ending in March

Payment options are for customers
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Posted at 6:21 PM, Feb 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-14 19:12:22-05

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Tucson water customers who can’t pay their bill will face a shut off starting next month because the moratorium that’s been in place since the start of the pandemic is coming to an end.

Earlier this week, Tucson Mayor Regina Romero announced that Tucson Water would resume shut offs on accounts for non-payment starting on March 15th. Fernando Molina with Tucson Water says there are still thousands of people who need help with their bill.

"Today we have close to 22,000 accounts that are in various states of delinquency,” Molina said.

At this point the city is working to notify customers by mail about the change, they're also getting the word out about more than a million dollars in utility bill funding available to those who are struggling financially because of COVID-19.

“There’s the first month second month, by the third month notice at the third month typically we disconnect service. If you don’t qualify for the assistance, we are simply asking you to contact us talk to us at a minimum set-up a payment plan,” Molina said.

Customers do have the option to go into extended payment programs to help get accounts back into good standing.
The city is also suggesting that customers check the city website to see if you qualify for assistance programs that cover water, sewer and trash services in the city. Again, that moratorium on ends on March 15th.

“We will not assess any additional fees or penalties like late fees or reconnection fees and shut off fees if you contact us by that date,” Molina said.

Meanwhile Tucson Electric customers who have made no payments on their overdue bill and have not made other arrangements might start to receive disconnection notices, and disconnections could resume in March. TEP customers who need help paying bills may also qualify for payment assistance. Some customers can quality for a $18 monthly discount through TEP's Lifeline program.

TEP Assistance:

Tucson Water Options:

*Customers living in unincorporated Pima County can go to for information about financial assistance.

*Waiver of all late fees and other penalties to customers that contact us and make payment arrangements prior to March 15th.

*Establishing of payment plan (Customer Service @ 520-792-3242)

*Enrollment in the Low-Income Assistance program for qualifying customers. See the table below with income requirements. (25%-75% reduction in water charges -- call 520-791 5443 or information at:

* Affected customers must contact Tucson Water prior to March 15 to avoid service disconnections and additional penalties and fees. Customers can call Customer Service Office with any questions (520-791-3242)