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Tucson gas prices rising, cheaper on the East side of town

Tucson gas prices rising, cheaper on the East side of town
Posted at 6:42 PM, Mar 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-03 07:47:34-05

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — The situation in Ukraine has many Americans concerned about rising gas prices. It’s already happening in Tucson, and getting worse every day.

“Well it’s always going up it’s not coming down,” said George Pappas, Tucson resident.

Gas prices are rising throughout the city, and Tucsonans aren’t happy about it.

“This is definitely the highest gas prices that I’ve ever seen since I started driving,” said James Rollins, Tucson resident.

Data from the American Automobile Association shows that average gas prices in Tucson are up by around 22 percent compared to last year. The current average for a gallon of unleaded gas is $3.73.

“I wouldn’t say that it would keep me from doing something like going up to Mount Lemmon on the weekend," Rollins said. "But it’s definitely been noticeable in my bank account.”

Tucson is inching closer to the highest recorded average, which came with the 2008 recession. Even so, we’re still doing better than California.

“We’re at about $6 a gallon so I'm thrilled at the gas prices in Tucson," said Daphne Evenchik, California resident. "It’s so much cheaper, I wish I could put it in 5 gallon buckets and take it back to California."

Gas prices vary by station but here’s what you’ll pay at some pumps east of Wilmot Road. It ranges from $3.49 at Quiktrip to $3.74 at more top-tier stations like Chevron. These same stations west of Stone Avenue are charging around 10 cents more per gallon.

“I just say that everything should be coming from this country and there’s no reason we have to be doing everything out of this country," Pappas said. "This is why we’re paying the prices we are.”

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