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Top ranking U.S. Army General visited Fort Huachuca today

Posted at 5:31 PM, Apr 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-19 22:25:05-04

The top ranking general in the entire U.S. Army came to Fort Huachuca Wednesday

Army Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley wanted to see the post's abilities for himself.

The General says Fort Huachuca will be very important to any future conflicts.

Unmanned aircraft give you an idea of where this 140-year-old post fits into modern warfare. 

Fort Huachuca is a center for intelligence training and cyber warfare. Wednesday, the top ranking General in the Army came in to see the post for himself."

As Army Chief of Staff, it's the job of Four-Star General Mark Milley to be sure the Army is ready for today's conflicts and the wars it might need to fight far in the future.

He says in any conflict the first thing a commander need is information, and information is Fort Huachuca's strength.

"You have to understand, the environment, understand your opponent, understand your enemy. Sun Tzu said, see your enemy, see yourself win a thousand battles and that's exactly what the Intel center for excellence does."

General Milley says every year Fort Huachuca trains ten thousand intelligence specialists for all the armed forces and runs and protects the data networks that gets that information where commanders need it.

Congresswoman Martha McSally urged General Milley to visit the post.  She says he has to take an Army that's grown used to small, scattered conflicts like in Afghanistan, keep it prepared for that mission, but also make sure it's trained and equipped for different, future, battles.

"We've got to be ready, if ordered to deal with a threat like North Korea, in a conventional way, while we're also dealing with aggression out of Russia and out of China and so that brings a challenge for our nation's military leaders to make sure our military is not just prepared for today's fight but the complexities of different types of things we may be tasked to do, often on short notice."

General Milley says most of our weapons and tactics are for battles in the relatively open country.  He thinks as more of the world turns into large cities, urban warfare will become more likely and posts like Fort Huachuca will help the Army adapt.