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Smart shoppers price match

Retailers match if you prove a competitor's price
Posted at 6:55 PM, Dec 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-23 20:55:39-05
Smart shoppers price match
Many retailers match if you prove a competitor’s price
TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Still shopping for gifts?
You can make sure you get the best deal available if you do your homework. A lot of stores will match competitors' prices.
Time is tight but maybe your budget's tight too.  Stores do reward comparison shopping  but you don't necessarily have to go into a store to price check.  There are easier, better ways to do it these days.
Bryan Flowers knows the gift he wants to buy, 
"Yeah, yeah, I pretty much have a plan.  Not too stressful.  At this point if you're waiting this late you kind of already know what you want.”
We can't spoil his surprise but we do know he'll visit stores, call stores and check the internet to be sure he's finding the best deals and convincing stores to match them.
KGUN9 reporter Craig Smith asked: "Do you find most stores will match if you bring in the right documentation?”
Flowers says, “Most stores typically will if you tell them, “Hey, this same item I can go up the street at whatever store it may be, for this price, But I want to purchase it right here because it's in front of me; a lot of them usually will honor it."
We went on-line to price check a 32 Gigabyte 9.7 inch Ipad Pro.  Best Buy's knocking 125 dollars off the list price for about $513 with tax and free shipping. But we found it at Target for about $27 less also with tax and free shipping.
But Best Buy and many retailers will price match for the exact same item.  Just just have to look up match policies on line and make sure you meet all requirements.
Some Credit Card companies will give you the difference if there's a cheaper price or price drop.  Citibank Visa calls that feature "Rewind".     
Amber and Dominic Rydzak say with six kids, aged seven to sixteen, price checking is a way of life.
She says, "I tend to look online and see what I can find pricing online and then go from there, see what I can find in stores."
And she relies on several smartphone apps like one called Ibotta that offer cash back on items she buys.
 And now there's just enough time to wrap everything up and slide it under the tree.