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Shop local movement trying to bring support to Ukrainian owned business in Tucson

Posted: 6:31 AM, Mar 17, 2022
Updated: 2022-03-17 11:55:29-04
Shop local movement trying to bring support to Ukrainian owned business in Tucson

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Tylene Nichols is a first time customer inside european market and deli.

"I spent a lot of time just in various countries throughout Europe and so it's really exciting to walk through here and just see all the authentic like food and like objects and stuff so its making me happy," said Nichols.

There's lots to see inside and there's a special focus on this market because it's Ukrainian owned.

"It's shocking I think just seeing so many innocent people being put through what they're being put through right now they definitely need any kind of support that we can give at the moment," said Nichols.

Right now, Keep Local Alive is in the market highlighting the importance of shopping local and showing support for Ukraine.

"I think the keep local alive movement is something that's just something that is super beneficial and it's bringing the community together much more," said Nichols.

"So, Keep Local Alive is essentially a support local movement that we have here in Tucson. Our founders Dave and Bobby started it and our mission is to move the words of support local and shop small and move into action," said Kim Johnston is an ambassador for the movement and says now is the time to act.

"By doing these small collective actions of supporting Ukrainian owned businesses it's one way that we can do our part," said Johnston.

Nearby bakery, Dedicated, is also stepping in to help whipping up some cookies.

"They have the Ukraine flag on them, so every purchase of those cookies is going directly as a donation to help Ukraine," said Frankie Lemer founder of i3 Media Solutions.

Store owner Olga Chausovskaya is extremely grateful for the support. her family in Ukraine is right in the middle of the war at this very moment. "All my family like 20 members from my family still in Kyiv, Ukraine," said

Chausovskaya continues to get heartbreaking updates out of her home country. "Just couple days ago my cousin passed away. He was in a fight, and they shoot him."

One of the many lives lost with other family members continuing the fight. "Lots of family members tried to help children tried to help with food delivery some medical supply," said Chausovskaya.

Donations being collected inside the store are going straight to a company in Ukraine that helps with things like medical supplies and transportation from Ukraine to countries like Poland.

"It's cold right now below 25 and kids without blankets without enough food stay underground," said Chausovskaya.

One of the many reasons Keep Local Alive is trying to spread the word in hopes of boosting business and support. "Showing their support letting them know that they're here for them," said Johnston.

For more information on the European Market & Deli, visit

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