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Shooting in park leaves three dead

Afternoon confrontation at Lakeside Park
Posted at 7:01 PM, Nov 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-09 21:01:41-05

TUCSON, Ariz. - Three people dead, all from a shooting at a park on Tucson's east side.

It happened about 5pm Thursday -- right when the park had plenty of potential for innocent bystanders to be caught up in the danger.
Police says three people are dead in the case. They are 21 year old Matthew Favela, 16 year old Carlos Ross and 16 year old Amonn Sandoval.
Police say Favela and Ross drove to the park to meet with Sandoval. One person ran away from the scene, two people in the car spoke with detectives. Police say there were other witnesses in the park.  They'd like to talk with them.

The peace and quiet of Lakeside Park don't offer a clue of the violence and chaos that came there about 5pm Thursday.
A group of young men in a car confronted some people who were standing in the parking lot.
A gunfight started.   
When it stopped, one person was dead,  and two others would die in the hospital. One person got away.
Police say other people were in the park while the bullets were flying.
Tucson Police Sergeant Pete Dugan says, They may have seen something useful as they tried to stay clear of the danger.

"If you have information or maybe you just heard something but you didn't really see a whole lot, please come forward. Again, you can call 88-Crime. You can remain anonymous."
As he enjoyed the quiet at Lakeside Park, Andrew Baker still felt the weight of another shooting and death in a different place meant for play.

He says just about a month ago, his son Vashaun was shot and killed as he played basketball at a church on Craycroft.  He says his son argued with a man, made peace with him, but that man's father arrived, shot and killed him.  The father is under arrest.

He says, "They just wanted to play basketball, shoot the ball around and out of nowhere no he's not here anymore.  Went out to play basketball and never came home."
Baker thinks more dangers for young people appeared when city and private recreation programs started disappearing.  He wants them to come back.

But now a month after Baker's son died, Tucson Police have a case of a shootout in a public park that left three dead.