Sanders and Trump stiff Tucson on security costs

Never paid Police bill for March visits

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Don't you just hate it when guests come to town, run up big bills, and stiff you?
Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders came to Tucson way back in March.  The City of Tucson says between both campaigns it's still waiting for more than $125,000 in fees for extra police at the campaign events.
That's taxpayer money and it's not clear if the city will ever see it again.
When a candidate for President comes to visit, a city might feel flattered---sort of like you've been invited on a hot date.  Imagine the feeling when you learn your dream date left you stuck with the tab.
No city can afford to be the place where something bad happens to a candidate.  So you can count on a big police turn out when a candidate comes to town.
When Donald Trump came to Tucson in March the city of Tucson assigned 52 officers inside the Tucson Convention Center, and 128 officers outside.
And there were some rowdy moments at that rally.
For 180 officers Tucson billed the Trump campaign more than $81,000..
It has paid---zero, and not explained why.
Bernie Sanders also came to TCC in March.
Tucson assigned 76 officers in all, and billed more than $44,000.
Sanders campaign also paid---zero.
The Sanders campaign told the city it never asked for the police and told the city to raise the bill with the Secret Service.
Councilmember Steve Kozachik says it's a real stretch for campaigns to act as if they don't crank up the need for security.
“Let's pretend we have nothing going on, and ten thousand people just happen to show up and start fighting over politics.  That doesn't happen, Craig.  Those people are gathered in that area because the campaign event is there.  It is absolutely their responsibility."
March was a busy month for campaigning in Tucson.  Former President Bill Clinton made a much smaller appearance on Hillary Clinton's behalf at Sunnyside High School.  The bill for that one was paid.
The candidates may have stiffed the city for police protection but not for the cost of renting TCC.  For that TCC demanded credit cards before it opened the doors.
The city couldn't calculate and bill police costs until the events were over.
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