Rescued elk calf, pronghorn debut at Bearizona

WILLIAMS, Ariz. - An elk calf named Lucky that rescuers found after her pregnant mother was hit by a car on Interstate 40 last month made its debut at Bearizona, a wildlife park in northern Arizona. 

Flagstaff firefighters and a Prescott family driving a motorhome who stopped at the scene helped rescue Lucky.

The one-month-old elk calf was the 12th animal rescued by the park this year. Jessie, a two-month-old pronghorn fawn that was separated from her family and rescued by Arizona Game and Fish, is also debuting at the park. Other 2018 rescues include four black bear cubs, two elk, one pronghorn and five otters.

"It really is a miracle Lucky made it, which is why the family that helped save her requested we give her that name,” said Bearizona Owner Sean Casey, in a statement. "We are so grateful to the Flagstaff firefighters and Prescott family that rushed to give her care at the scene, and to the veterinarians and animal staff that watched over her day and night those first few days."

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