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Rally to support President Trump in Tucson

Posted at 10:21 AM, Feb 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-16 00:50:20-05

A group called Stand with President Trump held a rally of support at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday at Sen. Jeff Flake's office on the northwest side.

"This is a grass roots event to counter the barrage (of) negative propaganda that is being fomented across the state," a press release says. "This president is working tirelessly for our nation. As citizens we want to take an hour and express our thanks and support and we ask every citizen who can give one hour to say thank you to join us."

The event is geared to ask Sen. Flake to support Trump's nominations and policies. 

About 100 people showed up to the rally Wednesday. That included Paralee Schneider, who says President Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises.

"As a republican I like the strength he is showing, I like his decision styles," Schneider said. "Right now President Trump is a nice change of pace for me."

KGUN9 reached out to Senator Flake's office. A spokesperson for Senator Flake says there will be areas where the lawmaker will not agree with President Trump, but he has mostly aligned himself with the president.

Senator Flake has been vocal about his support for President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, and Flake has approved President Trump's cabinet choices. 

Senator Flake has been critical of President Trump's executive order on immigration, but Flake made the following statement on CBS this past Sunday: 

"President Trump promised to go after those who have committed felonies and aggravated felonies, and he is doing. And I think, obviously, that is applauded. Nobody is shedding a tear for rapists and others for being deported.
And I am glad that those are being expedited. But we in Congress need to reform immigration moving ahead. We have the DACA kids that's going to come up because some of them are timing out of the program they are in now. And the president has expressed a willingness to work with Congress on that."