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Protests will continue at Tucson Southwest Key facility

Posted at 5:34 PM, Jun 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-22 07:47:31-04

Protestors gathered outside of  Tucson's Southwest Key facility Thursday morning holding signs that read - "reunite families", "hugs heal" and "shame, seeking asylum is not a crime". 

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Despite the President Donald Trumps executive order to not separate families...  

Activist Elinor Brecher says, "separating families is a human rights violation". 

Brecher says, "Let them seek asylum - that's what asylum courts are about. We can't forget that crossing the border illegally is a misdemeanor."

Not everyone agrees as some KGUN9 facebook followers sounded off. 

 Don't jump the border and you won't be here. 

Very simple - don't break our laws. come the legal way like everyone else and this won't happen. 

Parents are responsible for the separation since they drag their children across the border illegally and i can't even being to imagine the horrors that these kids were put through enroute." 

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Brecher says, "The conditions these people are fleeing are so desperate. What parent that wasn't completely on the brink would risk that journey and risk something terrible. Dying in the desert?"

There will be a protest on Friday, June 22, 7AM-9AM at 1601 North Oracle. 

Another demonstration, "Families belong together" is set for Saturday, June 30t at 10 a.m. at the Tucson District Court located at 405 W. Congress Street.

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