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Pro-abortion activists gather in support of abortion rights as election nears

Posted at 8:35 PM, May 25, 2024

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — In Arizona, abortion is allowed up to 15 weeks of pregnancy with exceptions to save the life of the mother. This comes after the 1864 near total abortion ban was repealed in April.

On Thursday, abortion rights activists gathered to talk about next steps to expand abortion access while also on the campaign trail for President Joe Biden. Amanda Zurawski And Kaitlyn Joshua spoke at the event about their frustrations when it comes to abortion rights.

For Zurawski, she suffered complications at 18 weeks of pregnancy and needed a medically necessary abortion. She said her health declined and was then given an abortion.

"I was literally on death's door in septic shock before I got the care I needed," she said.

For Kaitlyn Joshua, she suffered a miscarriage and wasn't able to get care.

"I miscarried right at 11 weeks and I was unable to get any kind of abortion care in my city," she said.

Both women are on the campaign trail in support of Biden and hope people vote to expand abortion access.

"We're losing women everyday," Joshua said. "I think we have this opportunity to tell folks that we have the power to take this back."

In Arizona, the Arizona for Abortion Access continues to collect signatures to put a constitutional amendment in place to expand abortion rights. But for anti-abortion rights advocates like Lisa Andresen said this amendment goes too far.

"We have the 15 week rule in place now," Andresen said. "We can get that solidified and get the language that we want."

Andresen said the goal is to protect life.

"We can come to an agreement for common sense legislation," she said. "We do not have to go all the way to with like elective abortion for all nine months for any reason that's not the answer here."

Arizona for Abortion Access has to submit their signatures by July 3rd.