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Loose pit bull kills terrier mix in Palo Verde neighborhood

Authorities seeking dog and owner
Posted at 9:11 AM, Jan 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-02 22:18:15-05
People in a midtown neighborhood are looking for a dog that attacked and killed another dog.
Danni, A 5 year old terrier mix was killed in the Palo Verde Neighborhood.  It's bordered by Grant, Speedway, Alvernon and Country Club.
Danni's owner says a pit bull rushed up and killed her beloved pet.
It is a moment so terrible if you didn't actually live it, it is hard to imagine it.  A woman is walking her little terrier mix here Lee Street when a dog described as a pit bull runs out and kills it.
Danni's owner was not up to reliving the incident on camera.  But she says the dog was running loose and was a pit bull---with a brown and black brindle coat.
Ronni Kotwicka, the President of the Palo Verde Neighborhood Association says it's not the first trouble they've had with aggressive dogs.
KGUN9 reporter Craig Smith asked: “What can and should people do who are trying to safely walk through the neighborhood?”
Ronni Kotwicka: “Make sure you use only the allowed leash length that's required within the city and that's six foot so you can keep your dog close enough.  Carry Mace.  Carry a big stick that you can start beating on the dog.  Call 911 and say you're being attacked and actually say you're physically being attacked because that's when the police will show up."
Now Pima Animal Care is looking for the dog that killed Danni and looking to hold the aggressive dog's owner responsible.  

Tucson police and Pima Animal Care Center are investigating the incident.

If you witnessed the attack or have any information you are asked to email