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Parents forced to make difficult decisions for 2020-2021 school year

Safely Back to School
Posted at 3:55 PM, Jul 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-29 21:18:50-04

TUCSON, Ariz. -- School is less than one month away, and some families are having to make tough decisions.

Among them, is the Warren family.

Vanessa Warren has three kids. Two of them are already in school.

She says she’s still deciding whether they'll go back to class, or stay home, and learn remotely.

“Yeah, I’m worried. Things change from week to week, and there’s really no example to go by,” said Warren.

Both of her older kids go to Pusch Ridge Christian Academy.

Right now, she says she's leaning toward in-person learning for both of them.

“This wasn’t a very good home environment for my kids to learn because I have a toddler...and so trying to have them learn with him running around isn't great, because I can’t really give them a lot of attention,” she told KGUN9.

Warren says the school will require masks, social distancing, smaller class sizes, and daily campus cleaning.

13-year-old Logan Warren says he’s nervous about catching the coronavirus, but he’s itching to go back to school.

“It just is a lot easier to learn at school and also like, I need to see friends. Humans need to socialize,” he added.

11-year-old Rachel Warren says Zoom calls just aren’t the same as in-person learning.

She says sometimes they freeze, or the connection is lost.

“I’m excited that we get to go back. It’ll be kind of weird, but since I haven’t been to middle school yet, it’ll feel pretty normal,” she told KGUN9.

As for little 2-year-old Luke, while he isn’t in school, he still likes getting involved.

“When I’m trying to do my math homework, he’ll sometimes just run. Sometimes he’s written on my homework…” said Rachel.

The family tells KGUN9 they have learned to adapt and overcome.

Now, Vanessa is hopeful her kids will have an optimal and safe learning experience in the classroom.

“I can’t change or even predict what’s going to happen next, but I’m hopeful that my kids will learn and do better than with me trying to help them,” she said.

Parents at Pusch Ridge Christian Academy have until July 31st to decide whether their kids learn remotely online or in-person.