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New information released in death investigation of Jayden Glomb

Posted at 5:54 PM, Jul 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-27 10:46:36-04

New information has been released in the investigation into the murder of 13-year-old Jayden Glomb, including more than 300 pages of records from the Tucson Police Department.

Jayden's stepfather, 37-year-old Joshua Lelevier, is facing charges in her death. 

According to the incident report from TPD, Jayden's mother Jessica Lelevier told officers that when Joshua woke her up to tell her Jayden was missing he was wearing a sweatshirt. Jessica thought that was unusual because it was warm outside. There was also dirt on the sweatshirt, and Jessica remarked he hadn't been doing yardwork.

It also bothered Jessica that it appeared Joshua was missing two pairs of shoes. He claimed he had bought new shoes while in Florida, but she was suspicious and didn't think so. 

Jessica said she does all of the shopping for Joshua.

Investigators wrote, "she thought she was being paranoid, then said she hoped she was being paranoid."

Jessica also said it seemed that lately Joshua had been more agitated with the children than usual.

That account from Jessica was given to police the day Lelevier was arrested.

According to the document, at one point after Lelevier was arrested Jessica told police someone informed her that Lelevier was not in the Air Force Reserve in Arizona and that he had actually never applied. 

In another section of the Tucson Police report a friend of Jayden reportedly told investigators about messages Jayden wrote about her stepdad.

The messages between Jayden and the friend were sent through an application called ooVoo, the record states. It appears Jayden told her friend she was scared because of something Lelevier did. The TPD incident report does not state what that was because officers blacked out that part of the document.

Jayden's friend gave TPD that information towards the end of June, according to dates in the police report, and the messages between Jayden and the friend were exchanged sometime in March.

On May 11, Jayden was reported missing hours before her body was located near Mary Ann Cleveland Way and Steve Street, just north of Cienega High School.

Lelevier was arrested on May 31 and is facing several charges including murder, abandonment of a body, and sexual exploitation of a minor. 

Additional charges were added after detectives said they found evidence that suggested at one point Lelevier was taking secret pictures of Jayden while she was in the bathroom. 


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