National Guard to help watch US-Mexico border

President Trump says until Border Wall is complete

TUCSON, Ariz. - President Donald Trump says he's calling for back-up on the border -- bringing in the National Guard to help secure the border while he works to complete the border wall.

The plan sounds familiar to anyone who's been active in border enforcement.

The administration clarified in this case, putting military on the border means the National Guard.
It's not a new idea.
Presidents Bush and Obama deployed National Guard to the border but because US law discourages using the military for civilian law enforcement Guardsmen handled tasks like surveillance while Border Patrol made the arrests.
Art Del Cueto is a Border Patrol Agent and Vice President of the Border Patrol Union.
He remembers previous National Guard deployments.

"And it's something that's needed; especially out here in Arizona where we're still responsible for close to fifty percent of all the drug seizures in the entire country.  It's a big deal to have the extra eyes so the agents can take the time to patrol areas of the field.   They can respond to different things.  It's very important and I think it's much needed."
The Reverend Robin Hoover has been working on immigration issues for more than 30 years. 
He says it would be smarter to put resources into immigrant visas and work permits.

“How many divisions of US soldiers is it gonna take to keep the gardeners and the children that are coming up here from Central America in fear of their own lives?"
We used KGUN9's Facebook page to ask what you think.  
As of late afternoon, 300 like the idea, 72 don't.
Joseph Moreno said, "That's a waste or our troops fighting for our country."
Lori Shaw said, Yes! The border needs to be guarded.

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