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Murder trial: Linda Watson talked of suicide

David Watson's defense team works to raise doubts
Posted at 6:28 PM, Oct 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-21 13:41:23-04
TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Linda Watson sometimes talked of running away or even committing suicide. That was the testimony Thursday in the murder trial of her ex-husband, former Tucson Firefighter David Watson.
Linda Watson disappeared 16 years ago during a bitter custody fight over her daughter.  Her body wasn't identified until 2013.  Someone shot and killed Linda Watson's mother and a family friend in 2003 as she fought for visitation rights with the child. David Watson was arrested and charged after a later ex-wife retracted her statements that David Watson was with her when Linda Watson disappeared and her mother was murdered.  
Thursday, Watson's attorneys worked to raise doubts about Watson's guilt.
Carl Barton, known as JR dated Linda Watson for about two and a half years after she divorced David Watson.
He described her as such a heavy drinker he was prepared to testify that she should not have custody of her daughter.
Watson's defense has been trying to convince the jury someone other than David Watson was responsible for LInda Watson's disappearance.
Under questioning by Watson's attorney Natasha Wrae, Carl Barton said Linda Watson sometimes talked of just running away, and said she might do something even more drastic if she lost custody of her daughter
He said, "It wasn't really a conversation she would spout off little statements a couple of times, you know.  She said she would shoot herself at one point."
Watson's defense has also tried to cast suspicion on Carl Barton, mentioning that he and Linda Watson had a history of fights and loud arguments.
One of Barton's later girlfriends testified he was with her when Watson disappeared and her mother was murdered.
So much time has gone by the little girl David and Linda Watson fought over is almost 20 years old.  She may testify Friday.