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Milk money settlement is legit

But payouts shrink as more sign up
Posted at 7:19 PM, Jan 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-18 21:20:47-05
TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Free money.  Yes, free money.  
Milk producers agreed to pay consumers in a settlement over price fixing --  it covers milk buyers in Arizona and 14 other states.
A lot of people are asking us whether a deal that sounds so good must be too good to be true.  
So we are shaking out an explanation.
The case settled over the claim that dairy co-ops in 15 states including Arizona paid dairy farmers to kill cows to reduce milk supplies and inflate the prices.
If you bought milk, cheese or other daily products after 2003 you're in for some money. The court ruled you don't have to prove you bought dairy, all you have to do is go on a website, give your name and e-mail, and wait for more info on when the money will come in.
It's such an enticing story people checked our Facebook for it about 69 thousand times; Including people who quite reasonably think it's a scam to steal your personal information.
It's not.
We verified it with Federal Court documents.
Just like KGUN, The Better Business Bureau has been fielding questions too.
Susann Miller of the BBB says the settlement is legit. She says it's a good sign that the site wants your name and e-mail but no financial information but she's worried that all the attention will get scammers attention too.
"So keep your guard up as far as what you're responding to because right now it's legitimate but there could be some scammers that build on this and do try to get your financial information."
The plan is to send money by secure sites like PayPal.
The pool of money for that settlement is 52 million dollars, and that's all so every time someone signs up to share in the settlement the payouts get smaller.
That's why the settlement site's predicting 10 or 20 dollar payouts, when it used to predict 50 to 70 dollar payments. But it's still a nice surprise to get even that.