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Luxury space hotel to debut in 2021

Posted at 9:32 AM, Jan 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-22 11:47:42-05

TUCSON, Ariz. -- It's an out-of-this-world experience that could be your dream vacation.

Tech start-up company, Orion Span, is working on a luxury space hotel. It's called the Aurora Station and those who visit will be able to see 16 sunrises a day and float in zero-gravity.

The space station is expected to make its debut in 2021, which is a year earlier than first expected.

The space hotel will be able to hold six people per trip and two other crew members. The trips are 12 days long.

Here's the catch, the price tag for a dream like this is $9.5 million.

In order to help fund the concept, Orion Span is crowdfunding for investors. So far, its raised over $200,000.

If this sounds like a trip for you, you can reserve your spot here with a waitlist deposit of $80,000.