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Local immigration lawyer says Title 8 hasn’t impacted his inquiries

Posted at 5:05 PM, Jun 18, 2023

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Mo Goldman has been an immigration lawyer for years, and now he’s helping migrants become citizens after a major immigration policy change.

People going to the border to ask for asylum is an option they have under Title 8. That was the policy that took effect after Title 42 ended a little over a month ago.

However, migrants are required to prove they are going through fearful circumstances and if they cross illegally, it has stricter consequences than Title 42.

Goldman said a backup of applications to become a citizen was happening even before Title 8 went back in effect, saying the pandemic caused consulates to shut down.

“When I go online and look at processing times, they’re still quite inflated,” he said.

However, after Title 8 took effect, he said he didn’t see an increase in inquiries from clients.

“I think that you would see that more from people who are coming to the border,” he said.

He said private attorneys don’t typically see those type of clients when an immigration policy first changes.

“Sometimes it’ll take a few months or even longer for it to filter through to us,” Goldman said.

When an immigration policy changes, he said the number of inquiries he gets depends on the policy and he said getting a lot more calls is rare.

As for if he sees the backup of applications going away, he said he doesn’t think so.

“It really comes down to congressional change. I think they have to allocate more VISAS, more green cards,” Goldman said.