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'Lego Dimensions' adds story, character packs

Posted at 10:05 AM, Nov 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-24 12:15:43-05

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment juiced up last year's toys-to-life game "Lego Dimensions" with its most impressive slate yet of add-on packs.

Here's a roundup of the new sets, which add loads of characters, weapons, vehicles and levels to the mix: 

'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' Story Pack

With a Newt Scamander minifigure, six levels and a new Lego Gateway build -- which converts your game portal into a "Fantastic Beasts" theme -- this pack acts as pretty much a full-blown sequel. With level design that recalls the wondrous "Lego Harry Potter" series, you smash your way through visually fascinating levels while casting a variety of spells to overcome puzzles and bosses, You also get the Niffler, which converts into the Vicious Vulture and Sinister Scorpion.

'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' Fun Pack

Adding the Tina Goldstein minifigure to the mix, this booster helps liven up the "Fantastic Beasts" content as well as the rest of the game, using her Protego and Aquamenti spells to fend off enviromental and enemy challenges. Also along for the ride is the Swooping Evil, which morphs into the Brutal Bloom and Crawling Creeper.

Sonic the Hedgehog Level Pack

It's been a while since a decent Sonic game came out, so this level pack comes as a refreshing joy for loyal fans of the Blue Blur. Sonic battles Eggman, Chaos and other enemies while speeding through Green Hull, Emerald Coast, Labyrinth and other familiar levels from the series' classic days. In addition to the Sonic minifgure, you also get the Sonic Speedster, which transforms into the Blue Typhoon and Motobug. There is also the Tornado, which recalibrates into the Crabmeat and Eggcatcher.

Gremlins Team Pack

Gizmo and Strip minifigures headline this heavy dose of 1980s nostalgia, which unlocks an adventure world that includes environments from the movies, including the high school, Clamp Industries and the movie theater. Vehicles include the R.C. Racer, which converts to the Gadget-o-matic and Scarlet Scorpion, as well as the Flash-n-Finish, which reformats into the Rampage Record Player and Stripe's Throne.

'E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial' Fun Pack

Paying tribute to one of the greatest family sci-fi movies ever made, this pack gives you the E.T. minifigure and several environments from the movie to mess around with, including Elliot;s house, the BMX trail and E.T.'s spaceship. The Phone Home device transforms into the Mobile Uplink and Super-Charged Satellite.

'Adventure Time' Fun Pack

The Marceline the Vampire Queen minifigure headlines the set. You can use her Sonar Smash and Bolt Deflector while using the Marceline Axe Guitar to solve puzzles and tangle with enemies. The Lunatic Amp transforms into the Shadow Scorpion and Heavy Metal Monster to amp up your powers.

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