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Chupacabra. Legend or Lie?

Legend or Lie? Chupacabra
Legend or Lie? Chupacabra
Legend or Lie? Chupacabra
Posted at 11:23 AM, Oct 20, 2016



Through history, many cultures have passed down legends. Legends are based on an element of truth.. the rest is mythical and left up to your imagination.

And so the legend goes...

In Puerto Rico March 1995, there were reports of sightings of the Chupacabra.

Sheep and goats were attacked. When these animals were discovered, puncture wounds were found in the chest and the animal was drained of blood.

The name Chupacabra comes from "chuppar" which means "to suck" and "cabra" which means "goat."

The term "goat sucker" dates back to Mayan Mythology to 1400 B.C..

There are two physical descriptions of that describe the creature. The first describes an animal with a reptilian body and spikes along the backbone. It has red bulging eyes, fanged teeth and stands 4 feet high on its back legs. The second, more commonly sighted resembles a breed of wild dog that is hairless with a prominent spinal ridge and fangs.

Through the years, many sworn they saw it, like one couple here in Tucson.

Teresa Monroe and her boyfriend say they were heading home after grocery shopping and noticed a creature on the side of the road.

"Hey look its a Chupacabra laying right here and on the concrete," said Monroe.

She says they drove back around to take a closer look.

"The ears were like elf-like, like real pointing out and the tail was super long and just on the top of it was hair," she explained.

The Chupacabra sightings have been made but turned out to be a dog-like mammal with a skin disease caused by mites. However, Monroe says there were no dog tags, leash, or collar and this animal looked healthy.

"On the top of him was fur, on the bottom, his legs his lower half was just skin," she said. "It was just plain skin, no hair, no nothing just skin."

She said she looked up the similarities between a coyote and Chupacabra and is certain this creature was not a coyote.

"You don't believe it until you see it and what i saw, I believed that what I saw, it just was different," Monroe insisted. "I've never seen anything like that, nothing, no dog, no coyote, nothing like that, it was just different."

So do you think the Chupacabra is a legend or lie?