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Baby rushed to hospital after being left in tub

Posted at 3:38 PM, Mar 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-08 00:30:52-05

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A nine-month-old baby has been transported to a hospital after being left in a bathtub unsupervised, according to Tucson Fire.

Capt. Barrett Baker said the baby was placed in the tub with the water running when the mother left the bathroom.

"At some point she returned several minutes later, and I say several minutes because the tub was overflowing," said Baker.

He says the baby was flailing in the water when the mother pulled her out. Paramedics arrived to find the girl with a pulse and vomiting, Baker says vomiting is a good thing in cases like this. The girl was transported to the hospital.

Tucson police are investigating what happened. Sgt. Pete Dugan says the girl is in the hospital in stable condition, but it is unclear if there will be any long term effects.

This is the third water related call in 11 days in the city of Tucson.

"That is three calls too many," said Baker.

Last Friday, a 18-month-old boy died after being found unresponsive in the family pool.

On Saturday, a two-year-old girl drowned in a pool in the 8000 block of E. Kenyon.

Baker said this is a stark reminder that active adult supervision is the best possible way to prevent any sort of accident around water when dealing with children.  Swimming pools, bathtubs, coolers, toilets and anything else that can have water in it can be deadly for children.

There is never an appropriate amount of time to leave a child in water without supervision.