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Heat's up, people and animals try to cool down

Posted at 7:00 PM, May 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-13 22:00:23-04
TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Even with things heating up, people are still spending time outdoors.  We found people---and animals finding ways to stay cool.
It's not even June yet and the temperatures are getting up there so places the splash pad at Brandi Fenton Park are starting to look pretty good.
You don't have the ask the kids how they like the splash pad.  You can see and hear their answer as they play in the cool, wet, relief from the heat.
Lacey Sanford says about a week ago, the time, and the temps started to seem right to bring Brielle here.
"It's been pretty hot outside so it's always nice to come here.  We like this park.  There's a lot of playgrounds for the kids and this is nice too.  It's awesome."
There's a sculpture with bronze tortoise and some kids not far from the splash pad.
Across town at the Reid Park Zoo, a real tortoise named Ferdinand had an “Oooh, that's good,” look on his face as he was getting a refreshing cool-down from a keeper with a water hose.
The zoo takes extra steps to keep animals cool.  For the lions it's popsicles just as they like them----made with frozen blood.
The lemurs get treats humans could appreciate, with fresh fruit frozen inside.
Vivian Van Peenen of Reid Park Zoo says, "Even animals that come from Africa and are used to a tremendous amount of heat as a species aren't necessarily used to that here In Tucson so when it gets warm we make sure everybody has plenty of water, plenty of frozen treats, access to shade and access to an off-exhibit area if it gets particularly warm."
The habitat for Ronan and Finley the Grizzly Bears has flowing water, and a nice cool pool but they'd rather compete to sit in a plastic water tank, sort of like a child who gets a nice present, and decides to just play with the box.