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Grab a Drink! Free water stations in Tucson

Posted at 11:05 AM, Jul 08, 2024

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Community Care Tucson, a local mutual aid group, has set up their most recent “Community Water Station" at Cafe Maggie on 4th Ave.

This is the third water station the community group has set up."Everybody needs water, like every human being needs water to survive," Tate Williams said, one of the organizers of this community water station project.

"We want to make drinking water as free, publicly available, as abundant as possible."

So far they've put stations at Cafe Maggie, The Fourth Avenue Coalition Space (311 E. 7th St.), and Arizona Poppy (150 S. 4th Ave.).

"It's definitely the responsibility of anybody in any position of privilege, like a business owner, to be able as much as they can for the community," Rosie Crocker said, owner of Arizona Poppy.

Each station has an insulated water cooler secured with a bike lock and stocked with cups, some even offer reusable water bottles.

Williams says the first station cost $85 for all the materials and while the businesses provide the water, the group relies on donations for everything else.

"It's really important that the city takes care of each other, like we take care of each other as a community,” Williams said.