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Gas prices remain high heading into Memorial Day weekend

Tucson prices slightly below national average
Gas Prices in Tucson
Posted at 12:07 PM, May 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-26 15:12:22-04

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — At this time last year, the average price for a gallon of regular-grade gasoline in Tucson was $2.93. Today, Tucson drivers can expect to pay about $4.50, slightly below the national average of $4.60.

For those Tucsonans looking to hit the road for a Memorial Day weekend trip, drivers will want to fill up locally before heading north: Gas prices are hovering around $5.20 in various parts of the Phoenix metro area.

AAA reports gasoline has either remained flat or risen every day since April 24 and has set a new record daily since May 10. The price per gallon is now above $4 in all 50 states.

Adjusted for inflation, Americans are still paying less than they did in July 2008. The peak then would be about $5.24 a gallon in today’s dollars.

Still, according to Mary Maguire, AAA's director of public and government affairs for the Northeast, seasonal gas demand remains high this year even in the face of rising prices.

Experts say the pain at the pump is coming amid higher crude oil costs and tight gasoline supplies, in part because of the consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

However, oil prices were high even before Russia's invasion, in part due to the global economy demanding more fuel after disruptions to travel and manufacturing from the pandemic, as well as seasonal changes.

“Gasoline is $1.19 more than it was the week of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” said Maguire. “That sent shock waves through the oil market that have kept oil costs elevated. Domestically, meanwhile, seasonal gas demand is rising as more drivers hit the road, despite the pain they face paying at the pump.”

As prices rise, they threaten tofurther squeeze consumers, businesses, financial markets and the wider global economy.

Still, if the increasing prices aren't enough to deter you from your Memorial Day weekend trip, AAA has a few tips for saving on gas:

  • Keep your car maintained
    • Regular service will ensure optimum fuel economy, performance and longevity
  • Make sure tired are inflated to the proper air pressure
    • Underinflated tires are not just at risk for blow outs, but also can reduce a vehicle's fuel economy
  • Use cruise control on long trips:
    • Maintaining a constant speed can help save on fuel

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