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Former UA pharmacy dean faces additional charges

Posted at 12:46 PM, Apr 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-29 15:46:32-04

University of Arizona professor and Dean of the College of Pharmacy Jessie Lyle Bootman. who was indicted on sexual assault charges in Pima County Superior Court on October 21, 2015, faces two additional charges -- for kidnapping and drugging his victim -- in a new indictment.

Bootman's case goes to trial Feb. 7.

Pima County Sheriff Chris Nanos says Bootman allegedly sexually assaulted an adult woman in his home on October 2, 2015.  Detectives served a search warrant at Bootman's home and found incriminating evidence. 

The report says the victim told police Bootman made her a drink and she blacked out.  She says she woke up with a broken nose, bloody face and injured knee.

Combined with the victim's statements, results of the victim's medical examination, and additional evidence, detectives had developed the means to present the case to the County Attorney's Office for prosecution.

Bootman was formally indicted by a grand jury and arraigned in court.  He was charged with Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse and Aggravated Assault.

The report also said the victim hesitated telling police about the incident because of Bootman's position at the University of Arizona. 

"He took advantage of that business relationship and lured her to his house where he brutally assaulted her," said Nanos.

Nanos says the victim woke up the next morning in Bootman's home and he was still there. She had injuries indicative of a sexual assault. Nano's says she left, went to a clinic, then a friend took her to a hospital for treatment of her injuries.

"If there are other victims out there from this man, now is the time to come forward," said Nanos.

KGUN9 reporter Keaton Thomas asked "is there reason to believe there are other victims?"

Nanos said, "There is always reason to believe, if you're dealing with a predator, we want to to know."

Bootman was released on his own recognizance. His next court date has been set for November 30. Conditions of his release include no contact with the victim, no contact with a minor, turning in his passport, and he his not allowed to leave Arizona.

Bootman has served as dean of the UA College of Pharmacy since 1987, according to the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy website.

The University of Arizona released a statement saying Bootman has been placed on leave, and his administrative assignment has been suspended pending our review of the circumstances.  

"We do not believe that the alleged events are connected to the University , and we will continue to monitor the legal proceedings," said the statement.

Bootman's lawyer, Brad Roach of Roach Law Firm, released a statement on his behalf saying:

"Dr. Bootman is shocked and saddened that anyone would make claims against him or his conduct.  At this point, Dr. Bootman is unclear as to the exact nature of the claims made against him but he absolutely denies any wrong doing.  His entire career has revolved around helping the Tucson community and beyond...indeed, his research has made global contributions. Dr. Bootman is deeply saddened that any accusation would detract from such a longstanding history of dedication to improving the medical lives of us all."

Sheriff Chris Nanos says otherwise.

"This young lady was assaulted, brutally assaulted by Mr. Bootman. Mr. Bootman has been appropriately charged with three felony counts, he will get his day in court, and so will our victim," said Nanos.

Bootman also faces a civil suit brought by the victim, for tort-kidnapping, assault and battery, defamation, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, defamation, slander per se and false light invasion of privacy.