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Follow these tips to prevent firework injuries on July 4th

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Posted at 8:18 PM, Jul 03, 2019
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TUCSON, Ariz. — The big fireworks you see in the sky on July 4th are not usually the ones that could be dangerous. It's the fireworks you set off yourself, that you have to be careful with.

It's not the fireworks you see in big shows that are usually dangerous, it's the fireworks you set off yourself that you have to be careful with.

Ten people were admitted to Banner UMC's trauma center last Independence Day for fireworks-related injuries, according to Dr. Bellal Joseph, the Chief of Trauma.

He says most people are hurt by sparklers. They may seem fairly harmless, but they can reach up to 2000 degrees. That's the same as a blowtorch.

The majority of people who are hurt are under 25-years-old. And the most commonly-seen injuries are on the hands and eyes.

"Just not being safe, can lead you to becoming blind or losing a digit," Dr. Joseph said. "And I think those are some of the most important pieces of our body."

Fireworks safety tips:

- Designate one adult to light the fireworks
- Never point a firework at someone else
- Supervise children
- Keep a bucket of water near you

What to do if you get burned:

- Put cool water on the burn
- Remove clothing or jewelry that's near it
- Get medical help

If you want to play it safe and see a fireworks show instead of setting off your own, here's a list of shows happening in Southern Arizona.