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Fire and shooting: Gun traces found in burned home

Warrant suggests detectives suspected arson
Posted at 8:28 PM, Jul 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-22 01:18:29-04

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — We know more now about what police found in the burned home on Irene Vista in the center of a sequence of violence that left two people dead, plus two EMTs and a firefighter shot and wounded.

Search warrants can tell you a lot about evidence detectives found in a case, and they can tell you about theories they are pursuing. Now a warrant package tells us more about the case against a man in a sequence of violence that involved a home burned, two people dead, and first responders shot and wounded.

The case centers on the now burned remains of the house in the 21 hundred block of Irene Vista.

Two neighbors ran to help when they saw it was on fire. Luis Bravo says a gunman appeared who seemed determined to shoot anyone trying to make sure anyone in the house escaped the fire.

“He was stalking me, I felt that I was next.”

Bravo was grazed by a bullet, but lived.

His neighbor, Cory Saunders, died.

Shortly before, someone shot both Emergency Medical Technicians in an AMR ambulance that was standing by in nearby Silverlake Park.

Police say in both cases 35 year old Leslie Scarlett was the man with the gun.

Now search warrant documents reveal what detectives found in the burned house on Irene Vista and in the suspect’s car.

They show detectives recovered projectiles, basically fired bullets, from the burned house in the 21 hundred block of Irene Vista, along with more ammunition and cartridge cases.

The warrant documents do not mention whether the woman found inside was shot. Autopsy results have not been released.

Detectives also searched Leslie Scarlett’s vehicle and found spent cartridge casings, an ammunition magazine and other items.

What is often more revealing is what detectives told a judge they were looking for when they requested the search warrant.

In that request they said they were looking for ignitable liquids and containers to hold them, also computers they planned to search for evidence Scarlett was researching methods of arson. The documents do not mention any conclusion on whether that fire was arson.

Investigators were also looking for communications that would shed light on Scarlett’s relationship with the woman presumed to be the person found dead in the burned house.

Detectives said they were also looking for any communications from Scarlett regarding the house fire in January at a home directly across the street from the site of Sunday’s fire. Scarlett’s mother died in that fire and neighbors have told us Scarlett was still very distraught about that incident.

Police say Scarlett rammed an officer’s car near the fire scene, then began shooting at him. The officer returned fire, wounded Scarlett and ended the threat.