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Electors pushed to change vote to Clinton

E-mail and phone campaign targets Trump backers
Posted at 6:43 PM, Nov 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-23 20:43:34-05
TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The Electoral College makes the vote for President official, and Arizona's Electors say they're being pushed to switch their vote from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton.
They say they're the target of a pressure campaign that has kept their phones ringing and their e-mails jammed.
The Presidential election isn't really official until the Electoral College votes late next month.  
Bruce Ash is active in Arizona and national Republican politics and he's one of eleven Republicans who will vote for Arizona in the Electoral College...and that's why he's getting about three thousand e-mails a day urging him to switch his electoral vote from Trump to Clinton.
"Most of them want us to vote our conscience some of them are an urgent plea to us and some of them are personal threats against us."
Ash could switch if he wanted.  Arizona is not one of the 29 states where it's against the law for electors promised to one candidate to change their votes. 
Ash's IT contractor says he's received about 20 thousand e-mails since the pressure campaign began.
Ash thinks most of the e-mails are automated.
One e-mail says, in part, "Stop this dangerous man and give America who they voted for and who they deserve."
Ash says even if Hillary Clinton won the popular vote her votes are still concentrated in states that don't give her enough electoral votes; and that the vote for President is really 50 separate state elections the Electoral College ties together.  Changing that means changing the Constitution.
“And unless you're willing to do that, stop bothering me and sending me 2000 emails a day it's not gonna change my vote."
When Ash basically said that to that e-mailer he got a reply we're just can't repeat.