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Clint Briseno runs against Tom Crosby for chance to be District 1's Board of Supervisor, in primary election

Posted at 3:43 PM, Jul 03, 2024

SIERRA VISTA, Ariz. (KGUN) — The Cochise County Board of Supervisors made headlines last election cycle after they didn’t canvas the results by the state's deadline. Now all three seats are up for reelection. District One's Tom Crosby is the only one seeking reelection.

Clint Briseno is running against the incumbent during this month's primary election.

“This is something that I've wanted to do for a long time,” he said.

In 2019, Briseno was one of six people who interviewed for a vacant District One Board of Supervisor position, that was going to be appointed. He says he knew after that experience he would run in 2024.

“I will work hard for the constituents of District One and for Cochise County," Briseno said. "I will be a positive voice for our county, and, you know, make sure that we're making headlines for the right reasons.”

He says if elected he wants to focus on border security, water, infrastructure and economic development. Briseno says when it comes to the border, showing what’s happening and the impact it's having is the only way to get resources.

“We need to keep constant attention on it," he said. "Our sheriff does a great job advocating for those resources and making sure that people are aware of the severity of the problem down here, but he can't be the only elected official doing so.”

The Sierra Vista native says he also plans to be an advocate for business owners since he’s seen how the processes work.

"Seeing some of it, that can be a little cumbersome," Briseno said. "We need to make sure that not just the city, but the county, is business friendly.”


Full candidate interview: Clint Briseno

KGUN asked the candidate if he has concerns with the county's election process, since that's what made headlines in 2022. He said this.

"I’ve asked a lot of people who were involved in the election process and everything else in Cochise County," Briseno said. "We didn't have a problem. We had great folks running the election our elections have gone smoothly.”

He said he attended the sessions the county held about the tabulation machines the county uses for elections. For him, learning how the process works made him more informed and trusting.

"When they did a presentation down here at the college, I went to it," Briseno said. "I went to both sessions of that presentation they did... because I wanted to be informed, and know and ask questions. There is no Bluetooth, there is no WiFi. It is just a tabulating machine."

He hopes he’s given the chance to make positive headlines for his hometown. His first obstacle is the July 30 primary election.

"My motivation. my desire to run, is just to do better, you know, try to make this community a great place to work, live, and invest in,” Briseno said.

KGUN 9 contacted incumbent Supervisor Tom Crosby for an interview.

He did email us back requesting we air the interview in full on our broadcast. We let him know that is something we could only accommodate online, and not over-the-air. Supervisor Crosby declined an interview with KGUN 9.

Alexis Ramanjulu is a reporter in Cochise County for KGUN 9. She began her journalism career reporting for the Herald/Review in Sierra Vista, which she also calls home. Share your story ideas with Alexis by emailing or by connecting on Facebook.