Eastside storm damages woman's home and rips roof off

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Wind gusts up to 100 mph and heavy rain hammering Tucson's east side Thursday left thousands without power. 

Sixty-foot trees fell onto apartment complexes and one woman's roof stripped to bare bones.

Tucson resident Karol McWilliams took us through her home which is now boarded up after her walls were destroyed by water.



"I had my front window open and so I came to try to shut it and I heard a pop and I thought a window busted out and I went to look and I went into one of my back rooms and the roof was sticking through one of my sky lights," she said.

The storm not only damaged her home but personal belongings as well.

"The sad part was where it was raining my mother just passed away and it was all of her pictures and personal effects that were getting ruined," she said. "So that was what I was more concerned about."

The remainder of the home's roof is now scattered in her backyard.

"So they are tearing off the roof today... hopefully I find somewhere for me and my dogs to go and the cat came home so that was good," she said. 




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