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Domestic Violence: New site to request court protection

Start process online, release application when ready
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Posted at 5:00 PM, Feb 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-07 13:14:45-05

This process of requesting an order of protection has been clarified from an earlier version of this story.

TUCSON, Ariz. - Delay can be deadly if you need protection from domestic violence.

Now a new statewide system -- lets victims quietly start the protection order process online, then activate the order at the courthouse when the time is right.

Going to a courthouse is not the easiest thing for someone worried about triggering still more violence from an abusive partner.

Now a new state system lets violence victims quietly file online, and launch an order of protection when the time is right.

Troubled relationships can become so dangerous victims turn to court orders to command an abuser to stay away or go to jail.

Pima County Superior Courts issued 2800 to 3000 orders of protection in the last three fiscal years.

Now the state court system has developed a website called AZPOINT.

Tucson City Judge Wendy Million specializes in domestic violence cases. She says AZPOINT is a way to file for protection that's less likely to tip off an angry partner.

“They can start it right at home at night, for example, and then the next morning if they're ready to go, they can come to the courthouse of their choice and we'll have it there.”

Judge Million says someone can keep the paperwork in the cloud, ready to release it when everything's ready for an escape to a safer place to live.

"If you feel like, Alright, I need to do this, and then hopefully you have looked at your options and know what will happen because we all know that it's a dangerous time when protective orders get served a victim leaving their offender leaving the abuser is a dangerous time for them.

People facing domestic violence need more than a court order. They need safety plans and other resources. The AZPOINT website offers links to those too. Another valuable resource is theEMERGE! Center Against Domestic Abuse.