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Cat survives horrific blowgun dart attack

Local animal hospital helps with recovery and adoption
Cat survives blow dart attack in Tucson
Posted at 10:13 PM, Mar 15, 2021

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Dr. Sophia Valdez with the Cimarron Animal Hospital couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw an x-ray of a cat that was brought in last Friday. That’s where Valdez found a 6-inch razor tip broad-head dart inside to of the cat. The injury nearly killed the three-year-old Siamese mix is now known as Arrow.

“A really kind lady brought him in, she noticed that he had been bleeding from his chest. He was incredibly fortunate, the metal rod that we saw sticking out of his chest it turned out to be a blowgun dart,” Valdez said.

According to Dr. Valdez, the distraught owner who was in the process of moving out of Tucson couldn’t afford the x-rays and surgery. As a result, the owner surrendered the cat to the hospital for care.

Animal hospital officials also believe the attack happened near Harrison Road and east 5th or 6th street.

“This is something that’s intentional it had to be in short range, pretty well aimed to hit a target in the angle that he was hit. It was pretty close to his sternum the bone part on your chest. Just millimeters from penetrating into the chest where his lungs and vital organs would be,” Valdez said.

Now, the hospital is on a mission to find out who’s responsible and shared the story on social media. Meanwhile, Arrow is on the mend and has a long way to go, but the folks at Cimarron Animal Hospital want to make sure he finds a forever home to keep him safe and sound. They’re also still trying to raise about $2,000 to cover Arrow's treatment.

"We’re just looking for information on who owns a blow gun dart if they have any witnesses. Just people knowing his story have brought in toys and blankets. They’re just really supportive and that’s what he needs and that’s why he’s still alive,” Valdez said.

Tucson police say the person or persons responsible for the crime can potentially face felony animal cruelty charges in the case.

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