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Building agreement on large development near UA

6th and Campbell plan for apartments and retail
Posted at 7:23 PM, Jul 20, 2023

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — A major new development planned for the edge of the University of Arizona has been working to win over neighbors who’ve been apprehensive about its effects.

Developer Scott Cummings sees a lot of potential for this area of 6th and Campbell. That led to some negotiating so neighbors would decide the plan will be positive for them too.

Cummings has more in mind for the southwest corner of 6th Street and Campbell than the homes and small shops there now.

He’s planning a combination of a multi-floor apartment building, retail and restaurants stretching from Campbell almost to Warren Avenue.

But people in Rincon Heights, the neighborhood just south of the planned development, worried how such a big change might affect them.

Attorney Rory Juneman represented the developer. He says through some negotiations, the plan was adjusted to reduce the neighborhood concerns over issues like whether the development would feature potentially rowdy bars.

He says, “We've put in quite a few commitments to make sure that's not the case. They've been concerned about affordable housing provisions, which we've included a donation to the city to help with affordable housing in the area. We've put in some requirements to make sure that the amenity spaces don't cause noise in the neighborhood.”

Tim Kinney is the attorney looking out for the interests of the Rincon Heights neighborhood. He says an important agreement was that the apartments would not be strictly student apartments.

“In Tucson traditional student housing is rented by the bed and in the Tucson zoning code that's called group dwelling. So we were able to prohibit group dwelling as a permitted use in this development. So that any residential units have to be rented by the unit, not by the bed.”

Kinney says residents want to see a development they may want to visit. After a city zoning examiner considers the case, it’s up to Tucson City Council to decide whether to approve the project.