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Black Friday shopping is in full swing

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Posted at 10:26 PM, Nov 28, 2019

Black Friday shopping is in full swing across the country.

One of the most popular stores here in Tucson is Best Buy.

Before doors opened at 5 in the evening, a long line wrapped around the building.

Some arrived hours before they opened, others camped overnight in the rain.

Wayne Yates and his dog Brody camped out and was the first one in line.

“I was freezing. I had two blankets and it was still so cold. I didn’t sleep very well,” Yates told KGUN9.

He says getting a discounted processor was worth weathering the storm.

“It’s $100.00 off. Normally it’s $400.00. It’s selling for $299.99 so I figured yeah, it’s a good deal,” Yates added.

Last year Yates was not a part of the Black Friday flock. He told KGUN9 most items were all gone by the time he got to the stores.

“I’ve seen long, long lines her before, basically wrapped around the building so, I wanted to be first,” he said.

While Yates says things can get a bit hectic, depending on how good the deals are,others say Black Friday shopping is surprisingly pleasant.

Ernesto Raygoza and his friend Kelsey Carlson say they have yet to have a negative Black Friday shopping experience.

“We’ve hit up Walmart, Target, and Best Buy and it’s never like that. Everyone is pretty civil,” said Raygoza.

Kelsey Carlson agreed.

“I kinda like how people think it’s always a madhouse. And really it’s not. It’s actually kind of like this where it’s kind of a little bit of calmness. And we’re here like what, two hours before they open so it isn’t that bad,” added Carlson.

Whether Black Friday shopping is a tradition, or a way to take advantage of the price drops, most of those we spoke too agree that at the end of the day it’s about scoring good deals.

“I’m just happy to be here and get the deals,” said Yates,

Black Friday shopping does not just come with great deals. Today, Best Buy will close at 1am instead of their usual 9pm closing time.