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Athletes are learning the benefits of chocolate milk

Posted at 7:43 AM, Sep 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-20 13:54:57-04
It is always important to hydrate while you exercise, but a recent trend has us using drinks to replenish right after we're done with a workout. 
The drink of choice may just surprise you.
It's not just for kids anymore. 
More than 20 scientific studies involving runners, swimmers and soccer players show low fat chocolate milk is the optimal recovery drink. 
It has to do with the much higher amounts of carbohydrates and protein. 
Local runner Rob Cook knows all about the benefits of what used to be considered just a kids drink. 
Cook is a member of "Team Chocolate Milk." 
After a calf injury 2-years ago, he did research..and now he touts those benefits. 
"From the carb to protein ratio, to the replenishing and refueling tired muscles, I decided that's what I want, that's what I need."
While Cook is a self-proclaimed weekend warrior, he's part of a chocolate milk movement that began with elite athletes. 
"I'm not going to the Olympics. But I want to be a little better, go a little faster. Well I want to know about this edge." 
The Team Chocolate Milk and the campaigns are part of The Milk Processor Education Program.