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9 craziest things listed at the UA Rummage Sale

Nuclear reactors, blow up dolls, live cows, WHAT?!
Posted at 10:39 AM, Aug 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-19 15:23:26-04

The University of Arizona has finally figured out what to do with all the items abandoned in dorm rooms: sell it!

On Friday, UA is hosting its first rummage sale from 8a.m to 3:30 p.m. Keep in mind the staff expects everything to be gone by noon, so get out there quickly! If they have anything left, there will be another sale Saturday.

They don't accept cash, only credit card. In order to be able to attend the sale, you have to register as a bidder.

The sale is located at UA's Surplus Store, 3740 E. 34th Street. The event is open to everyone.

When registering you have to fill out a list of all the items you're interested in. I'd imagine it's a generic site used by multiple departments; however, when imagining these categories being dorm room finds it makes you wonder, "What are these Wildcats doing?!"

9. Agriculture Machinery & Equipment

So, we all like to commit to our degrees, but how much agricultural equipment can be found inside? The subcategories listed a green house, back hoe, livestock chute and more. Perhaps the livestock chute is a shortcut to get food from the cafeteria?

8. Medical, Dental and Veterinary Equipment

The only dental equipment you'll be LUCKY to find in a dorm room is dental floss. But not at this rummage sale. We've got an exam table, an anesthesia machine, and even a sonogram machine.

7. Weapons

"Arizona Board of Regents Policies 5-302 and 5-303 prohibit the use, possession, display, or storage of any weapons, explosive device, or fireworks on the University of Arizona campus and on all land and in all buildings owned or under the control of the University of Arizona..."

So basically, anyone who left a weapon in their dorm is definitely in line for a ticket, at a minimum.

6. Water Purification and Sewage Treatment Equipment

This sounds like something out of Orange Is The New Black. Anyone with water purification equipment has got to be making a dorm room version of hooch.

5. Tractors

Does UA have a larger agricultural student body than we know? What are tractors doing in dorm rooms?! Perhaps they are used to clean up after the crazy dorm parties found in dorm rooms.

4. Prefabricated Structures and Scaffolding

The only place you'd still find scaffolding in living quarters is in Rio during the Olympic Games.

3. Miscellaneous

Branding iron, Chinese adding a machine and (oh wait it gets better) Air Blow up Figurine. Absolutely no one should be purchasing a blow-up doll from a college dorm room. NO ONE!

2. Live Animals

Again, it was the sub-category that said it all. First off, why did UA classify stuffed animals and a mouse isolation habitat as live animals? Secondly, what on Earth is a monkey booth? Thirdly, whoever got away with keeping a live cow in their dorm room without being noticed deserves some kind of award.

1. Nuclear Reactors

Wait, WHAT?! This was by far the best item on the list. What on Earth is a nuclear reactor doing in a dorm room? Doesn't that break some sort of federal law? We have spent years fighting a war that started with the accusation of nuclear weapons, but a nuclear reactor being left in a dorm room is just perfect for a rummage sale. 

Thankfully, you're unlikely to find any nuclear reactors at this rummage sale, but if you're interested, KGUN 9 On Your Side's Priscilla Casper did a preview walk through on Thursday.