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Keep your cool with the Yeti or Ozark Trail?

Posted at 9:32 AM, Aug 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-29 12:44:16-04

The Yeti drink tumbler is the hottest, or should we say, the coldest thing in camping equipment these days.

But wow, are they pricey!
So we wanted to know if cheaper competitors are just as good.
Walk into any Dick's Sporting Goods , Cabela's, or other camping store  and you can' t miss them: big displays of Yeti tumblers. The  hottest selling cold drink cup in history!
"It's heavy!"
 Concrete contractor Chris Allender would love one for his job.
"If it really works, it would be great!"
But many can't fathom the price: 39 dollars, almost 40 bucks for this 30 ounce  stainless steel tumbler.
"No, no way. i wouldn't pay that for something, I don't care if it keeps it cold a week!"
Retailers know the price is high for many family budgets. 
So they are rolling out competitors. 
"Wal-Mart makes a cup like that."
That's right: Walmart's look-a-like Ozark Trail cup is just 9 dollars!
Outdoorsy guys are all over YouTube comparing the cups.
So we decided to do our own test.
I bought 3 stainless steel tumblers: the 39 dollar Yeti, Walmart's 9 dollar Ozark Trail, and a 9 dollarSsubzero, sold at Kmart, Amazon, and Walmart.
I packed  each one with ice...and sealed them tight.
After 12 hours, I measured how much ice had melted.
The yeti and ozark lost exactly the same amount of water...2 ounces.
The subzero lost one and half ounces, but since the subzero was 30% smaller than the other two.... it actually saw more ice melt.
At 24 hours, i drained each cup again.
The yeti and ozark lost identical amounts once again, 6 and three quarter ounces.
 The subzero lost 4 and a half ounces, a slightly bigger  percentage of melting.
 Finally, at the two day mark, at 48 hours, all the ice had melted...except for  one tiny  piece of Walmart's ozark trail cup. 
So in the end we're calling it a tie...between the Yeti and Walmart's ozark trail.
One caution: Yeti has recently filed a lawsuit  against Walmart, and another brand called mammoth coolers.
It's asking Walmart to stop selling look-a-like tumblers.
For now they are still available, so you don't waste your money.