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Will COVID-19 and vaccines affect your fertility?

OBGYN weighs in on outcomes and possibilities
Pregnant woman
Posted at 9:44 PM, Feb 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-18 00:14:53-05

TUCSON, Ariz(KGUN) — Dr. Debra Guinn is an OBGYN and Vice-Chair of Research and Associate Professor at Banner University Medical Center. She’s been seeing expectant mothers throughout the pandemic who were lucky enough to not get COVID-19, but unfortunately there were others who became horribly sick.

“We have many moms who have gotten critical and had bad outcomes. The impact is primarily through the mom’s being sick,” Dr. Guinn said.

There's also a lingering question for both men and women will COVID and the vaccines have an impact on your fertility now or in the future?

“At this point there is no definitive evidence that suggests that COVID is going to have an impact on fertility rates. The vaccine has not shown any increased risk of infertility in anything that I've seen. There’s very reassuring data that vaccination has no impact on fertility. Not for men not for women in fact it's protective,” Dr. Guinn said.

The CDC is recommending vaccination for those who are pregnant and those who are planning on it along with their partners. If by chance you do get pregnant after your first 2-dose vaccine, doctors say you should get the second dose to have as much protection as possible. There are also plenty of studies in the works about the issue at facilities across the country.

“We have been enrolling women who are pregnant to participate in our OB COVID study. Many of whom have delivered and some subsequent pregnancies of women with and without COVID. We continue to try and understand the virus and outcomes for all of our moms,” Dr.Guinn said.

Dr. Guinn also says that being as healthy as possible is the key to a successful pregnancy.

“Vaccination probably cuts down 80 percent of significant infection,” Dr.Guinn said.