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Who’s putting masks on Tucson’s iconic statues?

Massive masks send message about virus safety
Posted at 6:42 PM, May 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-09 12:31:33-04

TUCSON, Ariz. - If you agree laughter can be the best medicine here is a story for you. Maybe humor can’t kill the coronavirus but KGUN9 found a woman who thinks it could help keep it from spreading.

Medical masks don’t carry the air of mystery that comes with most other masks---except in this case. Someone’s been going around Tucson putting masks on local icons---Like the giant Tiki at the Hut on Fourth Avenue.

The T-Rex at the dinosaur McDonald's doesn’t seem quite so ferocious when it’s modeling good public health hygiene.

We don’t want to unmask a good mystery but the masked masker was willing to lift some of the veil to help make a point.

She started out trying to make high protection masks for health workers but her sewing machine couldn’t punch through the heavy fabric. So she hit on high profile humor to send a serious message.

“It doesn't feel like a lot of people are taking this very seriously because we're not a hotspot so you don't actually see the bad things that are happening unless you're, you know, connected with the health care. So I feel like any reminders are good reminders and you know to wear a mask, you know, it shows how much you care about other people.“

The Wildcat statues at University of Arizona are fairly easy to mask up. Taking care of the T-Rex and the Tiki were a bit tougher.

“My climbing days are over. Yeah, I don't do the climbing there, the, the Wildcats down there on the Mall, there's one that's a little bit higher I might have to get somebody else to climb up here and put that on him but no I'm not climbing I'm not risking.”

So the statue owners actually arranged to strap those masks on.

She is still making masks for human sized faces, while she scouts for more local icons to help send her message.