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Daughter vaccinates mother against COVID

Vaccinations in senior living facilities
Posted at 7:35 PM, Feb 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-09 21:35:33-05

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Senior living facilities are some of the places COVID hit hardest----and the virus continues to make it hard for older people to safely see their families. Here is the story of a daughter who was able to see her mother for the first time in a long time---so she could give her a COVID vaccination.

Most vaccinations so far have been at busy drive up sites with medical workers, first responders, education workers and people older than 75 taking priority. But that system just doesn’t work for some older people who can’t drive, or be driven to sites like that.

For them, the Federal Government contracted with pharmacies to bring vaccinations to many senior living facilities. For residents safety, many of these places felt they had to forbid family visits, but Melinda Aragon Morales had a chance to visit her 91-year-old mom at the Fountains at LaCholla because she’s a pharmacist able to give her mother a COVID shot.

She asked her mother Otilia: “You'll be excited to see your family?. You'll be excited to see the family after getting your vaccine?

Her mom laughed as she said, “Oh my gosh, especially the babies.”

Melinda Aragon Morales says The Fountains are probably the 50th facility she’s been to. And as she gave those shots, she thought of her mother.

“It's such a huge gift right, I mean, they raised us and protected us all our lives so to give her that protection, means a lot.”

And there’s a chance for another visit. Otilia Aragon and her neighbors still need a second shot. Then they’ll have to wait awhile for the immunity to develop before it will be safe to let the rest of the families in.