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Grant Road Improvement Project moves into Phases 3 and 4

$55 million project will fix and widen roads, add bike lanes and pedestrian protections
Posted at 6:26 PM, Apr 23, 2024

In 2006, Pima County voters approved a 20-year, $2.1 billion Regional Transportation Authority(RTA) plan. Next month, those funds are being put to use on a stretch of Grant Road running from Alvernon Way to Swan Road.

On April 23, the city held an event celebrating the groundbreaking of Grant Road construction phases three and four.

The $55 million project will add lanes to both sides of the road, totaling six lanes overall. Additionally, protected bike lanes will be added, along with protections for pedestrians and cyclists and transit lanes for safety.

Grant Road is one of the busiest routes in Tucson, and it shows. the roads are cracked, potholes are common, especially in the areas covered in phases three and four.

But the project is more than just making the roads wider and smoother. There will also be a 96-inch water storm drain to contain water runoff and prevent flooding. Officials also showed designs for public art projects that will adorn the area.

The roads will not be closed while construction is happening. There will be some lane closures, but that’s about it. Business access will remain open throughout the entire project.

At the event, Mayor Romero spoke about what the project means for the community, which aims to revitalize the area.

“We’re hoping that with the infrastructure investment,” Romero says “we will also see private investment follow within our community, see some infill development and good things for the surrounding neighborhoods.”

Grant Road will remain open while construction is underway, despite lane closures at times. Businesses will also stay open and have signs to direct drivers. Samuel Credio, Director at the Department of Mobility and Transportation, says that Tucsonans should continue to enjoy the area.

“Don’t avoid the area,” Credio says. “Come here with your friends and family and take part in the businesses that are here.”

Phase three and four of the Grant improvement project will begin in early May and take about two and a half years to complete. Officials say that construction should be completed by late 2026.

Editorial Note: This story has been updated to reflect that the funding source for the improvements is the Regional Transportation Authority.