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Ducey wants major spending on border security

Posted at 7:44 PM, Nov 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-24 21:44:08-05
PHOENIX (KGUN9-TV) - Gov. Doug Ducey wants the Legislature to approve "tens of millions of dollars" for a border security force made up of state police.
He laid out his plan as Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake held hearings in Phoenix on cross border security, and especially the problem of heroin smuggling.
Heroin is something Jan Nargi knows well.  She wrote a book called "No Hero in Heroin" about her son, how he went from Marijuana to pills to heroin---and to selling for the cartels.
She says parents should understand heroin is easy to get and no child is immune.
“It's the kids in our high schools that are doing it and they're getting it very easy.  Like he said.  He can go to any city, any state, any town.  If he really wants it he can find it." 
Nargi's son went to prison.  He's free and clean now.
We asked Pima County Sheriff Chris Nanos about heroin.  He says he'll be happy to accept any help the state can offer but he's not sure heroin is a higher priority than general crime prevention, and better education so people won't fall into crime.