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UArizona coalition seeks to create union for school employees

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Posted at 6:51 PM, Aug 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-05 00:17:41-04

TUCSON, Ariz. — The Coalition for Academic Justice at the University of Arizona (CAJUA) announced it voted to unionize Tuesday.

CAJUA was formed in April because it said it needed to hold the University of Arizona leadership accountable for their decisions.

“This is actually a really historic moment for the University of Arizona. We've never had this kind of mobilization before we've never had a, an effort to create a wall to wall union like this so we actually think this is a really positive time, and a great opportunity to push back on the university administration and make some changes and transform the university, and very fundamental and good ways,” explained Celeste Gonzalez de Bustamante Coalition organizer, UArizona associate professor.

CAJUA voted to create what they are calling a "wall-to-wall" union after months of speaking out against the university’s choices. One of those decisions was to furlough employees. CAJUA wants the plan to be more equitable.

“What we're asking for is a much more humane and compassionate and equitable plan, so that people at the top are taking more of bearing the burden of these financial challenges rather than putting all of the burden, or most of the burden, on the people who are making less money,” she explained.

The organization also doesn’t think a date should be put on returning to campus.

"We want them to release those public health metrics that they're going to use, hopefully, to decide whether it's safe to go from one phase to the other, rather than rather than placing that, ” she added.

The 'wall-to-wall' union is also asking for transparency and inclusivity.

The Coalition already has 500 registered members.