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Roughly 500 students return to TUSD campuses

Posted at 9:30 PM, Aug 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-21 16:54:35-04

TUCSON, Ariz. -- The Tucson Unified School District held a virtual town hall Thursday night to check in with families, and address concerns.

One year ago, remote learning was a far-fetched idea.

Today, it’s a reality for many TUSD students.

Though there is an exception; roughly 500 students are learning virtually, on campus.

Kinasha Brown, the Assistant Superintendent for Equity and Diversity, says ‘at risk’ and exception education students will be prioritized for that.

“We identified our at-risk population to be our students that have foster care status, our refugee status students and our exceptional education students,” she said in the meeting.

TUSD Superintendent Dr. Gabriel Trujillo also added the district will also consider special circumstances.

“And I just want to make it known that if you are a parent and your child is not a part of these categories, please contact the school. We do not turn anyone away, if you actually are in dire need of an on campus learning space,” said Superintendent Trujillo.

If students need help getting Chromebooks or hotspots, Blaine Young, the Chief Technology Officer says TUSD has them covered.

“They can also contact their school office directly and that school office will actually walk them through that process,” said Young.

CDC guidelines are being enforced on TUSD campuses and personal protective equipment is available.

Ernest Rose, the REGIONAL Assistant Superintendent says the district is providing students with what they need to stay safe.

“TUSD is providing our staff and our students with masks, in some cases gloves. We’re also providing face shields,” added Rose.

As for sports, cross country, golf, swimming, and volleyball have already started in phase one.

Brian Lambert, the Regional Assistant Superintendents says sports are to be played on a volunteer basis.

“Some schools are waiting to get a little more organized….but phase one really is more conditioning. Football, the earliest it would start, in phase one, would be on the 24th of August,” Lambert said during the meeting.

Superintendent Dr. Trujilllo says there are still many unknowns and temporary changes to be made, but he says there’s one practice that may stick around for years to come.

That’s the hybrid approach

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