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The Bachelor Episode 4 – What's that smell? Wow, there is some B.S. in the air!

Posted at 12:38 PM, Jan 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-24 14:38:14-05
When we last saw Nick, he was being called out by Vanessa, who wondered if he was looking for a wife or someone to “f” around with. Cause if it was the latter, then she doesn’t want him to give her a rose! Nick appreciates her honestly and she is someone that is becoming more important to him. He wants her to continue to be honest with him and call him out! He understands how hard it is being on that side but to please be patient, especially with Corinne. Raven, who I love, she has the best lines, says to “us” that Corrine must be a really insecure person to lead so much with her sexuality.
At the rose ceremony, most of the women really thought that Corinne was going to go home but nope, she got the last rose of the night and you could hear and see the gasps and horrified looks on the other women’s faces! Instead, Brittney and Cristen get sent home! Ouch, Cristen feels blind-sided!
And now it’s time to travel with the last 15 women and they are starting in Nick and my hometown of Milwaukee, WI! Well, technically Waukesha but it’s a small suburb of Milwaukee!
Nick meets up with his parents to talk about this process so far and that he is hopeful. Nick then meets up with the women and announces that the first one on one date with Danyelle.
First they go to a local bakery and see a cookie with Nick’s “face” on it. They get to make more cookies and try and make one that looks like Chris Harrison. As they are walking down the street, Nick “spots” an ex of his at a coffee shop. How convenient! He goes in and invites her to join them for some coffee. She’s pretty and Danyelle is pretty uncomfortable. I tried to put myself in her place and I can see that would be awkward! When the ex-girlfriend asks Danyelle if she had any concerns about Nick, Danyelle asked her why she thinks Nick is still single. Her response is that if Nick isn’t “feeling it” he will leave the relationship. Those 2 dated for only about 3 or 4 months but you get a feeling that there is a lot more to that story!
Back at the hotel, the group date card comes and everyone’s name is on it but Raven’s! Which means she is getting the other one on one date with Nick! The date card just says “Say Cheese”!
And again, Raven has the best lines! “It’s like a double victory! Because not only do I get the 1 on 1 but Corinne doesn’t and everything is right with the world and everything makes sense now!!” I like her more and more!
Back with Nick and Danyelle, they are at a bar talking and getting to know each other better. Nick feels a great physical chemistry with her but wants to connect on a deeper level. While I think she opens up more, in the long run, you can see that it’s more the physical chemistry. I believe she’s go home right before hometown dates! Nick gives her
the rose. They then go to the Pabst Theater where Chris Lang is performing and they get to dance to him singing in front of the crowd.
The group date meets at a Wisconsin dairy farm! Hey, it is the “dairy state” after all! The women walk in to see a “staged” Nick feeding some baby cows. And of course the women are like awwww! GAG!
They are all going to do farm chores and Corinne for one is not happy about this! To her, this is the worst date she’s ever been on! DIVA! The women and Nick feed the cows, milk them and clean all the B.S. or the cow pooh! Fun times! And who doesn’t want any part of that? Corinne is like everywhere I turn around there’s cow poop! She wants her nanny here to do the chores for her of course! But then she says her hands are really cold and she can’t move them, so she goes and sits outside and let’s everyone else clean. Another red flag Nick!! HELLO!! I call B.S.! And so do many of the women!
At the cocktail party later, Corinne can hear the other women talk “crap” about her and decides to confront them. She says if you have an issue with me, come talk to me and a couple of the women did. But she thinks they are mad at her cause she took a “nap” and missed the rose ceremony, not that it was disrespectful not just to them but to Nick as well. CLUELESS! She gets some time with Nick and tells him that she had talked to the other women, which Nick thinks is very mature of her. They hug but no kissing this time and she’s okay with that! Wait, is this the same Corinne?? What is happening?
Then Kristina is talking to Corinne and basically calls her out on her B.S. about sleeping through the rose ceremony. Now she claims she had a panic attack and that is why she missed it. Kristina doesn’t buy it and tells her that and that she doesn’t believe that her hands were cold and sore, she just didn’t want to do the chores at the farm. Kristina is like, you asked and I am being honest. Corinne once again, walks away cause she can’t handle it!
Then Nick gives Kristina the group date rose, which just makes Corinne more pissed! Heheheheheh!
Nick and Raven start at a soccer game for their 1 on 1 date. It’s a soccer game his baby sister, Bella is playing. So Raven gets to meet her and they warm up with her and her team. As they are watching the game, they walk over and meet Nick’s parents! Wow, that is a big moment and Raven is nervous but does fine. After the game, Bella invites them to go roller skating with them! FUN! Raven has some time alone with Bella and Bella likes her, always good to get the blessing from the younger sister! They all have a great time!
Then Nick takes Raven to the beautiful Milwaukee Art Museum, right on Lake Michigan and it’s only open for them where they have a private dinner. Raven opens up about her last relationship that ended because he cheated on her. She is VERY open about how she walked in on them butt naked and how she pushed her boyfriend off the other women and started punching the woman, then was hitting her boyfriend as well! After that
relationship, she learned that she has a lot of self-worth and if a guy can’t see that he’s not worth her time. Nick loves that about her and loves her sassiness. She surprised him and he wants to keep an eye on her. She gets the rose!
At the cocktail party, Taylor is starting to rub some women the wrong way, especially Corinne who confronts her about stuff she’s said about her. Taylor feels like Corinne is not emotionally mature enough for a serious relationship with Nick and Corinne feels like Taylor is talking to her like she’s an idiot. Things just go downhill from there and the voices get raised. Corinne just wants to punch Taylor in the face. Yep, she’s mature all right! Then once again, “TO BE CONITUED”! UUUGGG, so over these to be continued shows! This is the 3rd one so far and we are only on show #4! Cut the crap Bachelor!
Till then, will you accept this rose? Leslie #TheBachelor #Groovelife