From morning sickness to a c-section, Stella's journey as a mom-to-be

From the minute I found out I was pregnant with Daniella, my morning sickness kicked in and didn’t ease up for months. I had never experienced anything like it nor was I prepared for what morning sickness meant for my pregnancy. My morning sickness or rather "all day sickness" lasted for 5 and a half months! Every morning was a struggle because it felt like a bad hangover. I didn't find any relief with natural remedies except for prescription medicine to get me through the day. I finally started to feel better when Daniella began to grow and I could feel her kicking. Wow, an awesome feeling!
Fast forward to about 7.5 months, I found out that my baby was breech. Having a breech baby had never even crossed my mind and now I was faced with preparing for a possible c-section. I was very upset.  Did I do something wrong? How did this happen? However, I didn't want to give up hope that she would flip. I started swimming, walking more, and doing certain yoga poses to try to get her to flip. Unfortunately, nothing worked. After weeks and weeks of mentally preparing for my c-section, Daniella was scheduled for delivery on October 28th, but boy did she have a different plan. On the evening of October 23rd, I went into labor. She was delivered the following morning by c-section. I won't lie, I was very scared and cried. However, I knew it was something that had to happen.
The surgery itself was super fast, no more than 40 minutes. The doctors and nurses took great care of me. The hard part was the post-surgery pain. Daniella was born in the morning and that evening I decided to get up and move a little, but I was not prepared for the pain that would follow. At that point, I thought I'd never be able to walk again. For the next three days, recovery was painful, but it got better and better with every passing day. 
Now, almost three weeks later, I'm still slowly recovering. I'm not allowed to pick up anything heavy or workout. For the most part, my doctor has told me to take it easy, take care of the baby and enjoy slow walks. I'm no longer blaming myself for having a breech baby and a c-section. After all, she was born weighing in at 8.4 pounds!


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