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HIRING HEIDI: Keeping the trash clean, Heidi washes bins

Posted at 5:24 PM, Jul 04, 2024

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Most people are used to taking out the trash, but not actually cleaning the bins.

I knew I could handle this challenge, so I had to give it a try on this week’s Hiring Heidi.

“These are already hot,” I said. “These are so hot.”

Sunstate Can Cleaners are a locally owned mobile trash can cleaning business in Tucson. They gave me the opportunity to get hired, or fired.

“It's not too bad,” I said. “It's not too horrible.”

Now it is time to lift these bad boys up and prepare for cleaning. They were heavy, but I barely broke a sweat.

Now that the trash was dumped out, it was time to get the cleaning machine going.

I had the most difficult task in the cleaning process, turning the nozzle.

“Oh ah oh my god,” I said. “That’s so hard.” I didn't expect turning a nozzle to be the most challening part of the day.

The machine was steam cleaning the bins thoroughly, getting all the nasty remnants out.

When that was done I brought the bins back down, so I could power wash the outside of the bins.

“Oh this is fun,” I said.

When I was done I rolled them back to the curb.

My final task was making sure the bins smelled good, finishing them off with some fragrance.

“So I was just here trying my hand at being a bin cleaner, Sunstate Can Cleaners are you hiring or firing Heidi?”

“From the way they look, you're hired!”

“Cool! They smell good right?”

This job reminded me that I should probably clean out my own bins at home.

If you have a job you want me to try, send me an email at

Heidi Alagha is an anchor and reporter for KGUN 9. Heidi spent 5 years as the morning anchor in Waco where she was named the best anchor team by the Texas Associated Press. Share your story ideas and important issues with Heidi by emailing or by connecting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.