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Five shows to binge in May

Posted at 9:07 AM, Apr 25, 2019

Looking to camp out on the couch and take down a show that will keep you up way too late and help you procrastinate from doing more important tasks? Here are five shows to stream.


Premise: Set in a lawless South Dakota town in the late 19th century, David Milch's cutthroat drama features tough-talking cowboys who scheme and plot against one another, often leading to grisly ends.

Stars: Ian McShane, Timothy Olyphant, Anna Gunn, Powers Boothe.

Service: HBO.

Why it's impossible to stop watching: The dialogue is the real star. Rich and flowery at times, while brutal and nasty at others, there is plenty for a talented cast to chew on and explore. Following a 13-year break after the show's abrupt conclusion, the follow-up "Deadwood: The Movie" premieres May 31.


Premise: A dramatic adaptation of the true-crime tale of the 2015 murder of Dee Dee Blanchard in Missouri by her daughter, Gypsy Rose -- whom she allegedly abused and forced to pretend she was sick in order to score donations and access from a sympathetic public -- and possibly autistic boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn, whom she met online.

Stars: Joey King, Calum Worthy, Patricia Arquette, AnnaSophia Robb, Chloe Sevigny.

Service: Hulu.

Why it's impossible to stop watching: The transformative performances by King and Worthy are remarkable as the naive yet conniving couple, and worthy of Emmy frontrunner consideration. The sordid tale of deception, repression and resentment is as fascinating as it is disturbing.


Premise: Just after finishing "Deadwood," Olyphant parlayed his persona as a lawman to be reckoned with in this drama, about a U.S. Marshal who returns to his small-town Kentucky roots to distribute his own brand of justice.

Stars: Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins, Joelle Carter, Jacob Pitts.

Service: Amazon Prime Video.

Why it's impossible to stop watching: The rivalry that the characters played by Olyphant and Goggins develops is rich and layered. The show is filled with gripping build-ups and satisfying action sequences, with a twist-filled plot that always zigs when you think it will zag.


Premise: After a shift from Fox to Netflix and two lengthy hiatuses, the quirky, star-studded cult favorite sitcom is back for another season.

Stars: Jason Bateman, Jeffrey Tambour, Alia Shawkat, Will Arnett.

Service: Netflix.

Why it's impossible to stop watching: One of the quirkier comedies on TV maintains its oddball charm. Watch a few episodes and you'll either find yourself bored or irrevocably hooked. If you find yourself in the latter group, you will probably rave that the series is one of the most rewatchable and quotable you'll find.


Premise: A 360-degree look at the legal online gaming community, highlighting shady figures, media coverage and implications for the rest of the burgeoning industry throughout the country.

Stars: Various.

Service: Showtime.

Why it's impossible to stop watching: Fast-paced and edgy, the docuseries pulls back the curtain on what has been tradtionally a dark and secretive industry. With boisterous personalities clashing in the desperate struggle to stay a step ahead of the competition.

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